TEXALTEL Headlines & Regulatory Alerts




         Due 9/1/2016 - 2013 FCC Form 477 Report

         TEXALTEL Comments in support of Petition (re Copper Retirement)  3/5/2013

         06-04-2012  Texas Sets 2012 Municipal Access Line Rates, Effective July 1, 2012

         08-21-2012  FCC releases Broadband Report - digital divide shrinking, but still a problem

         08-22-2012  FCC releases Interim Special Access Order - Suspends pricing flexibility rules, prepares for mandatory data collection.

         08/01/2011  Commissioner Nelson named Chair of Texas PUC

         07/15/2011 - FCC releases proposed new cramming rules

         01-04-2011  6th Circuit Rejects Entrance Facilities (Interconnection Facilities) at Wholesale  Prices - Supreme Court accepts Cert to Hear Case

         12-30-2010  Core Communications 1, Verizon 0 in the 4th Circuit

         12-23-2010  FCC Adopts Open Internet Rules

         12-21-2010  FCC set to vote on Open Internet Policies (Net Neutrality).

         12-01-2010  Texas PUC sets Interest Rates for 2011

         06/23/2010  FCC Denies Qwest Phoenix Forbearance Petition

         05/06/2010  FCC Chairman Genachowski calls for the Third Way, light regulation on internet transmission

         04/21/2010  FCC Issues NOI and NPRM for USF Reform

         04/07/2010  DC Court overturns FCC Comcast Ruling, says FCC doesn't have authority to regulate internet.

         04/01/2010  Federal USF rate increases to 15.3%

         03/20/2010  FCC releases National Broadband Plan

         03/01/2010  First round of stimulus grants goes to Valley Coop in South Texas

         03/01/2010  DC Circuit Court ruled VoIP originated calls are not subject to access charges.

         07/28/2009   Level 3 Seeks FCC Pre-emption on Right of Way Fees, potentially impacting all ROW fees. 

         05/01/2009   FTC Identity Theft Rules a/k/a Red Flag Rules in effect - for more info see TXTL CPNI Compliance Guide

         02/11/2009  DC Circuit Court upholds FCC's findings that Verizon's winback campaign violates the FTA and FCC rules.

         02/04/2009  City of Houston sues C Beyond over Right-of-Way fees - Visit member resources for more details

         02/03/2009  FCC extends date for action on Verizon's Petition to Forbear from Loop and Transport Unbundling Obligations.

         02/03/2009   AT&T withdraws petition for declaratory ruling at the FCC that requesting carriers cannot impost bill & keep arrangements or facilities pricing factor pursuant to merger conditions.

         11/10/2008  FCC approves Intercarrier Compensation Order to comply with DC Court mandate.  http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-08-262A1.doc

         AT&T Raises Retail Rates - Effective January 15, 2009

         07/28/2008  FCC denies Qwest's Petition for Forbearance from 251 and 271 obligations in four MSAs.  Order.

         4/3/2008 - Governor Perry requires carriers to include emergency bill inserts in telecom bills to customers located in the hurricane evacuation zone.  Visit member resources for more information.